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My First Kiss

Since yesterday I’ve had past memories, and incidences, flit through my mind and something I rarely speak about is how my memories, my life’s experiences, work.

I’ve lived several life times since my birth. Every now and then a past memory comes to the fore and I think, “Wow, I’d completely forgotten about that person, or that part, of my life.”

This is especially true about people I once knew well. I recalled a family I’d known since I was very young and into my young adult years, but for some reason, that memory had become like a dream I thought I’d once had. As a young child, around 5-years-old, a lot of things happened, I now remember. Some of these things are probably memories of being told about these events.

It was a small country town on a main highway. The family over the road had three boys, and I remember the second eldest, probably a year or so older than me, would lift me up on to the closed lid of a wooden thunder box (toilet), and kiss me.

He was my first kiss.

It’s a lovely memory I now recall and he became such a lovely man who I’d forgotten existed.

We kept in contact with the family for several years, but I rarely saw this boy until I was seventeen, and he reminded me, but then I forgot again. Life always got in the way of my good memories.

This memory is something sweet, a treasure I’ll always remember now. No tongue was involved of course, but it was a sweet kiss on the lips, and not just the once 😉

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