Elizabeth the 333rd

All Was Not What It Seemed

I met my ex-husband at my friends wedding. It was her brother. Their younger step brother was bothering me and he stepped in and put a stop to it.

From that day I moved in with several others, to my eventual sister in laws flat. It was down near Scarborough beach. No-one hung around the flat because we were at the beach everyday.

My ex-husband began to visit on a regular basis and we eventually started seeing each other. There were huge flashing warning signs screaming, ‘Turn back now,’ but I was young and escaping an abusive woman.

I had no-one to talk to about things, so when he took me to meet the people he lived with, I was pregnant. Did I get a surprise or what!

His ex-girl friend was there, I mean dropped one day, with me the next. I didn’t know any of this, but did hear the girls talking and my uncomfortable button had begun to scream. With the ghosts of his recent past staring at me like they were figuring out the best way to cook me. I had no idea what was going to happen.

About three days after I met them all, his ex-girl friend said to me one night, ‘Come with me.’

‘Was this it?’ I wondered. ‘Is she taking me out the front to beat the shit out of me?’

They were all valid thoughts as most of my ex’s friends were bikers. I followed her out the front and we sat in her car. She told me all about my ex, and if I’d had a mother who wanted the best for me, I would’ve run like the wind at that point, but I didn’t. I now know she wasn’t just telling me those things to clear the air, they were a warning.

She had been pregnant to him a couple of months earlier and he made her abort. My ex taking me there could only be viewed as him rubbing her nose in it. That’s how I felt.

She told me, ‘One night we’d just gone to bed, he had already passed out, when a bloke stormed through the house looking for him. He barged into the bedroom, she sat up and I think asked, ‘What do you want?’

That bloke punched her in the mouth and she had to have all her teeth rebuilt, or replaced. I can’t remember why that bloke was after my ex, I can imagine, but she told me all this and I still stayed. I understand how hard that conversation was for her, and I know I should’ve listened and left, but I didn’t.

I began to have trouble living at the flat in Scarborough, so we moved to his parents place. What a shit show that was. I met the rest of the family and my favorite was their youngest brother.

He was four or five years younger than me, and we kept each other company on the days their older brother would rampage through the house, beat the shit out of their step mother and smash everything he came into contact with.

That’s a story for the next post.

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