Elizabeth the 333rd

My name’s Karen Eastland. Originally from Perth, Western Australia, I now live in Tasmania. I have a BA in Culture and Ancient History (2017), and an MLitt (2019), applying to become a PhD student 2021.

I carefully crafted my profile image for this page.

This is my digital memoir. I’ve lived several different lives, the three when I was a child, the one my biological mother portrayed to the world, the one class mates created and the real, hidden me. When I met my eventual husband, I was allowed to have the illusion of power to keep me in my place. I was allowed to be strong so he didn’t have to do anything. I was allowed to work because he refused to learn how to read after a workplace injury and for twelve-years of my marriage, I was allowed to be act on behalf of his father, and himself, in all legal situations, and the last straw was I was allowed to become a born again Christian so I wouldn’t, or couldn’t, depends on who you ask, leave him, but you’ll read all about that as I make entries here.

When I finally left, I became a statistic, one I hope to address, one that revolves around the idea that if you leave your partner, you should expect to be sexually assaulted. I made friends, good friends for the first time life after I left. I worked hard and partied hard and can happily say they were the best times in my life, but they were also the worst because the partying was shielding me from the assault.

I eventually met a wonderful man who is my equal. We truly have a relationship, no a “relyship” [Drager 2010] as my marriage had been. But the in between, the getting to this point in my life, well, there are too many lives to mention in this about me post, but I will tell you all about them over the coming years. Some stories will have profanities in them. The harsher the profanity, will reveal how angry I got when recalling the situation.

So, here we go…

For a long time I hated myself, I was even made to hate my name, Eastland. Elizabeth is my middle name, and I disliked it probably more than my last name. It’s taken me forty-five-years, plus, to embrace, even feel proud, of my name.

I allowed a distorted idea of myself, gifted to me by haters, to oppress, even control, me. I was named after Karen Carpenter by my dad, Queen Elizabeth by his then wife, then dad topped it all off with a surname I now truly treasure, Eastland. The profile image I created, with the warped crown sliding off my head, is a visual reminder of what was, and to who I am now, as I embrace my true self moving into my future.

I am an innately creative being, whose talents were quashed at every turn, until the past seventeen-years that is. During that time I came to love education, and through that process, found just how creative I was. I am dark, I push the envelope and funnel my past into the hideous beast who’d held me captive for so long, and make it pay through my stories (You can read some of those stories through the links below).

This memoir is about the darkness, the oppression, and using those events to share with you how I view them now.

My projects:

My Projects

Jerrymanders: is an experimental movie I made in 2017. It can be viewed on YouTube or at Jerrymanders. Don’t forget to follow the story of Jerrymanders by reading the news articles I wrote, and will continue to write, at the Reachville Community News Online, beginning with the first article, Little Finger evades capture. Then there are the Toddlystew SMS’, they tell their own hilarious story. Each link on the top menu at the site tells another aspect of the Jerrymanders story.

The Gothic Guild has the  the creations I wrote and made to world build for my dissertation, Gone But Not Forgotten.

Josephine Marlin is a series of novels I am writing, but it will take a bit of time before they can be released.

Fields of Elysian is part of the Josephine Marlin series.

Sin-Eater: Indicus-Resquire is the long form novel created from the short story, The Book of Matthew, and I am working hard to publish by Christmas 2020

Networks – of which I have many, but will list only those I most frequent here.

Newsletters – will begin in 2021

FaceBook Group
Writing Urban FaceBook Page

For my latest updates, and to read some of my short stories, Facebook is the place to go @AuthorKarenEastland

Thank you for taking the time to visit my network of sites.



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